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We are the digital division of Affinity Creative Group.
Our Mission? To craft top-notch brand-centric digital experiences from the ground up.


Educating consumers on the value of your product can be extremely profitable; it can also be very tricky. How do you make a convincing argument without appearing self-serving? For All Weather Insulated Panels (aka AWIP) the solution was to tell a story, and the medium was video.


Don Sebastiani & Sons

What makes a great tequila even better? Pairing it with a delicious digital experience. From photography to typography, we owned every step of the process in these two microsites for Don Sebastiani & Sons.



How do you give your customers an authentic tummy-grumbling connection to their food? Show them the wholesome place it came from and the goodness of how it’s made. The end result: a video series as honest and fresh as blueberries off the vine (trust us we know).


Precision Building Group

When you work in an industry full of giants, it’s easy to feel outmanned and outgunned. From logo concepts through to finished site, we strategized and executed Precision’s vision for a cutting-edge brand identity that was guaranteed to turn heads.



The Helfrich family legacy combines feel-good inspirational vibes with breathtaking visuals. We had the opportunity to capture their story on the river amidst incredible scenery, hands-on casting lessons, and a good ol’ fashion fish fry.



Ever imagine you could venture into Artificial Intelligence space? Genie brings you one step closer—she knows how to book flights, haircuts, movies and order carry-out on a single command. The goal: create a brand as out of this world as Genie is.


Gold Coast Packing

We refocused Gold Coast Packing’s online experience from the ground up and gave them a new digital presence as crisp as their freshly picked vegetables.


It’s not what you do; it’s who you are.

We’ll keep saying it—character is the most important thing in business. Bring together a group of tremendously talented people with the right attitude; add a touch of inspiration, a heap of hard work and the result will be something worth hanging on the fridge. Character is the most important thing in business. Good people do good work—simple as that.